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The Bigpoint Gamecard: the perfect gift for gamers!
Bigpoint unveils the Gamecard: the perfect gift idea for all gamers. With the Gamecard, it’s so quick and easy for gamers to give the gift of great joy, or why not give yourself a present!

When purchasing the digital code (hereinafter the ‘Code’), you agree to the following terms and conditions:
You can only use the Code for Games (hereinafter ‘Games’) offered by Bigpoint GmbH (hereinafter ‘Bigpoint’).
You can find the Games on the ‘www.bigpoint.net/games/’ games portal (hereinafter ‘Portal’) and at various other sites. To do this, you will require Internet access, which may be subject to a charge.
The Code can only be used for specific games that involve the purchase of virtual game currency or virtual game items.
The use of the Games, the purchase of virtual game currency and the redemption of such in virtual game items are subject to Bigpoint’s General Terms and Conditions. Bigpoint's Privacy Policy applies to the collection, processing and use of personal and game-related data. Both the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy can be viewed in the Portal at any time.
The risk of accidental loss of the Code shall be transferred to the purchaser upon delivery. Transfer of ownership also takes place upon handover to the purchaser. Bigpoint cannot be liable for any loss or damage arising from the accidental loss, theft or any other illegal use of the Code.
The Code may not be resold to third parties or exchanged. The Code cannot be redeemed for cash, returned for a cash refund or exchanged or used to purchase products other than those offered by Bigpoint.
Should any purchases exceed the value of the Code, the excess sum must be settled using another Code or a different payment method.
The Code is valid for 24 months from the date of purchase. Any statutory rights that cannot be excluded by these provisions shall remain unaffected.
How does the Gamecard work?
The Bigpoint Gamecard can be quickly and easily redeemed for any Bigpoint game in the store. You can use the Gamecard in three easy steps:
1. Start one of your Bigpoint games, or just select one of the games at www.bigpoint.net/games/;
2. Select game items and the currency you want to buy in the game, and click Pay;
3. Choose the Bigpoint Gamecard as the payment method and enter the PIN code to pay for your currency or items.